Chamberlain Creek Trail

Chamberlain Creek Trail

The Chamberlain Creek Trail is half way between Fort Bragg and Willits on Hwy 20, in the middle of the Jackson Demonstration State Forest.

At M17.4 by the Dunlap Conservation Camp, turn left onto Road 200, just past (east of) the Chamberlain Creek bridge. (Right before you come to the bridge, you’ll see a large parking lot on the right, with an old steam donkey on display.)

The unpaved road splits in 1.2 miles, and you take a sharp left to follow Road 200 as it climbs. When you are 4.7 miles from Highway 20, you’ll reach a parking area on the left with stairs. Descend steep stairs (about 50 steps, with good railings), and follow the path as it descends into a canyon.

The 50-foot waterfall is 1/3 mile along the trail. Continue past the waterfall into a thin, deep canyon containing virgin redwoods that escaped the cuts. Follow the trail up to the right to see the trees from higher up, and you can continue up the trail above the waterfall to the road, just 3/10 mile north of the parking lot. It’s easiest to return the way you came in, though.

Note: After you leave Highway 20, you’re on a fairly well-maintained dirt road. In dry weather, this road is accessible to any modern passenger car, as long as you return the way you went in.

Chamberlain Creek Trail: Single track trail on fairly hilly, but easy terrain.
Difficulty: Moderately easy. Very gradual hills except last section of switchbacks on return to Road 200.
Length: Approximately 3 miles round trip
Features: Spectacular waterfall and small grove of old growth redwoods.

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