Dry Lagoon – Humboldt Lagoons State Park

Dry Lagoon – Humboldt Lagoons State Park

In the early 1900’s Dry Lagoon was drained by early farmers and several types of crops were attempted but none proved economical. Several dairy ranches were established along the shores of Stone Lagoon.

Today the marshland habitat has returned and supports a rich variety of marsh plants, birds and other animals. There are day use only picnic areas at the visitor center. The park offers boating, fishing and hiking.

Walk north up the hill, and enjoy a great hike. Follow the trail up through a meadow, spruce trees, and alders. About 2 miles in, the trail forks. Take the high trail to the left. This will bring you to Stone Lagoon where dogs can swim.

Please note that this property is owned by the State Parks, so you must follow the rules put in place for dogs. They do not allow dogs at their campsites or on the dunes.

Please pick up after your dogs, and keep them on a leash while not swimming.

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