Frogs Leap Winery

Frogs Leap Winery

The way they make wine at Frog’s Leap is fundamentally linked to the way they grow the grapes. Believing that a grapevine should be grown in healthy soil that supports all the nutrient needs of the plant, Frog's Leap has been farming organically since 1988.

They believe that most of the great and historic wines of the world have been made from non-irrigated grapevines and to that end, Frog's Leap dry farms nearly 200 acres in the Napa Valley.

They accept the premise that the greatest of wines are those that most truly reflect their soil, climate and circumstance (collectively referred to as “terroir”) and it is the winemaker’s role to stand back and let the natural beauty of the grapes show through.

Please check winery website for days and hours of operation.

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