Glass Beach

Glass Beach

Glass Beach is the well-known southern beach of MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg. Dogs on leash are welcome. The beach can be accessed from the south end of Elm Street. It’s a great spot for walking and exploring with your dog. The area is full of colorful sea glass that has been polished by the ocean, making it a unique destination! Be sure to check out MacKerricher State Park’s other attractions too, like the wetlands, hiking trails, and other beaches. There’s something for everyone here!

Glass Beach gets its name from the smooth colorful glass pieces that you can find in the pebbly beach. The site was once a trash dump so broken bottles from garbage cans of local residents are now little treasures to be found and photographed (and left behind). It is illegal to remove any glass from Glass Beach.

This is a great place to take kids who can explore around but watch them near the water which can be dangerous. There is a wide path to the beach from the parking area on Glass Beach Road a couple blocks west of Highway 1 down West Elm Street.

There are more trails on the bluff to hike north up to Pudding Creek Beach where a paved multi-use trail crosses over an old train trestle. Trails also go south from the Glass Beach entry path to other glassy beaches that are outside of the state park boundary.

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