Glen Canyon Park

Glen Canyon Park

Glen Canyon Park is a 66.6-acre recreation area located off of Elk Street and O’Shaughessy Boulevards in the Glen Park District.

Rich with a history that spans back to the 1850s, Glen Canyon Park has seen a myriad of uses ranging from Adolph Sutro’s personal “Gum Tree Ranch”; to the Crocker Real Estate Company’s mini-amusement park and picnic site; to an earthquake refugee camp.

Not until 1992 did the park come into its current state as an official public recreation site operated and maintained by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.

Distance: 1.4 miles
Difficulty: Trail is generally easy, but there are a few steep stretches if you choose to hike the higher trail
Leash rules: On-leash/off-leash
Parking: Street parking on Bosworth St. and Elk St.
Drinking water: Yes, water fountain at the Recreation Center
Hours of operation: Sunrise to sunset

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