Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park consists of more than 1,000 acres of public grounds. Configured as a rectangle, it is similar in shape but 20 percent larger than Central Park in New York City, to which it is often compared. It is more than three miles long east to west, and about half a mile wide north to south and includes open groves, secluded lakes, grassy meadows, gardens, museums and other public attractions.

When it comes to letting your beloved canine stretch her legs, it is hard to find a more scenic urban environment.  The freedom that comes with the release of the leash is one your dog will look forward to every time you bring her to one of the park's  designated  off-leash play areas. 

  1. In the southeast: A section of land bordered by Lincoln Way, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, as well as 5th and 7th avenues. Not fenced. 
  2. In the northeast: An unfenced area tucked away off Stanyan Street, between Hayes and Fulton.
  3. In the western region: Owners and dogs flock to the (unfenced) section bordered by MLK Jr. and Middle drives, and 34th and 38th avenues.
  4. If you need a little more space to perfect the jumps and leaps of your trickster dog or like the idea of teaching your pet how come, sit and stay amid distractions, there is a fenced dog-training area at 38th Avenue and Fulton Street.

Dog Rules of Golden Gate Park:

In large meadow areas, it is frowned upon and nearly restricted to have your dog roam about without a leash. No dogs are allowed, leashed or unleashed, in the Big Rec area where athletic playing fields are located. 

Know, too, that poison oak flourishes in some areas of the park. 

Download a park map:

Please make note of these relevant city ordinances:

San Francisco Health Code

Section 40 – states that dogs must be controlled so as not to commit nuisances; all dog feces must be removed; and all dog walkers must carry materials to remove dog feces.
Sec. 41.12 – All dogs must be leashed or tethered except in designated exercise areas. Dog guardians must be physically present at all times. Ordinance also describes circumstances when dog barking becomes an offense.
Sec. 41.15 – Dog License Requirement– Every dog over 4 months old must have a current license.
Sec. 41.18 – Dogs over 4 months are required to have current rabies vaccinations.
Sec. 41.5.1 – Biting dogs– also includes definitions, information on declaring dangerous dogs, fines and penalties.
Sec. 42.1 – Fight training for dogs is prohibited.

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