High Sierra Animal Rescue

High Sierra Animal Rescue

High Sierra Animal Rescue (HSAR) is a dedicated nonprofit organization, established in 1999, with a mission to save lives and unite families with their perfect companions. The journey began when Plumas County faced a heartbreaking reality—up to 200 healthy animals were being euthanized yearly due to insufficient resources and facilities. Recognizing this pressing need,  HSAR’s founders envisioned a haven where adoptable pets could thrive until they found their forever homes. With the support of many caring individuals, they transformed this vision into reality.

Since its inception, HSAR has been a beacon of hope, rescuing over 5,000 animals from various backgrounds, regardless of size, age, or special needs. They provide a loving sanctuary for dogs left behind, continuing this life-saving work with immense gratitude for the compassionate individuals who support their cause. Their most recent triumph was nursing four young puppies back to health after they were diagnosed with Parvovirus. This feat was achieved with the hard work of their staff and the support of many. 

HSAR’s team is made up of dedicated animal lovers—experienced professionals and trained volunteers—united by their passion for animal welfare. Their facility also has a state-of-the-art boarding wing where pets receive exceptional care. This wing not only serves as a valuable resource for our community but also serves as a means to fund their ongoing rescue endeavors. HSAR remains steadfast in its commitment to saving and enriching the lives of animals, thanks to the unwavering support of their incredible community.

Last updated on December 14, 2023.

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