Ignacio Valley Open Space

Ignacio Valley Open Space

Marin County Parks Open Space Leash Policy: Dogs on leash are welcome to enjoy trails. Dogs are allowed off-leash under strict voice control on fire protection roads. Please follow posted rules.

The Ignacio Valley (885 acres), Loma Verde, Pacheco Valley, and Indian Valley preserves form a contiguous band of undisturbed open space encompassing virtually the entire northern slope of eastern Big Rock Ridge.

The slopes are steep, the canyons deep, and first-time visitors never fail to marvel at the expanses of rugged chaparral and woodland found here.

Most of the fire roads that run through these preserves follow ridgelines, and all of the access routes are strenuous, but the spectacular views and the sense of solitude make the climbing worthwhile.

The relative inaccessibility of these canyons provides refuge for healthy populations of wildlife.

Many of the slopes and ridges are composed of sandstone which favors the growth of madrone trees, thus there are many forests here featuring nearly pure stands of madrone.

In winter when the madrone berries ripen, thousands of berry-seeking birds such as cedar waxwings, band tailed pigeons, hermit thrushes, and American robins congregate here.

The fire roads in the Pacheco Valle Preserve connect with roads and trails that lead through public lands managed by the Lucas Valley Homeowners Association and the Marinwood Community Services District (which borders our Lucas Valley preserve).

Altogether, these unspoiled tracts of land allow for long day hikes (or rides) over the entire east end of

Take the Ignacio Boulevard exit west towards the College of Marin Indian Valley Campus, turn left at Fairway Drive, and turn left at Winged Foot Drive. MCOSD gate is at the end by Carnoustie Heights.

• Parking: Very limited, side of the road parking at the edge of a residential neighborhood.
• Fee: None
• Water: Bring your own
• Best time of year for this hike: Good hike anytime, but bring a lot of water because it can get very hot in the summer.
• Degree of difficulty: Moderate even though it’s a short hike there are two very steep inclines.

• Distance: 2.1 miles
• Hours of operation: Sunrise to sunset
• Leash rule: Dogs are allowed to be off-leash as long as they are under voice control.

Last updated on January 2, 2023.

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