King Estate Open Space Park

King Estate Open Space Park

The dog-friendly off-leash King Estate Open Space Park was established so that all residents of Oakland could enjoy the natural beauty, native habitat and wonderful views.

Fire roads were cut into the park decades ago and serve as a trail system. The old Crest roadbed serves as an all-weather trail.

Dogs are permitted off-leash, under strict voice control. Please be aware that this park is used by many visitors who are there to enjoy the natural beauty and may not want to interact with your pets. 

• Please carry a 6′ leash and dog waste bags.
• Please keep your dog on leash while in the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
• Please pick up your dog’s waste and deposit it in the trash cans at the Crest or Greenly gates.
• If you encounter a park visitor not accompanied by a dog, please control your dog.
• If you encounter a park visitor with a dog on leash, please control your dog.
• The western trail is on very steep terrain. Please use care and control your dog when passing others on the trail.
• Please do not let your dog chase or harass park wildlife.

A significant amount of the park is not fenced and none of it is gated. Your dog’s safety will be at risk if it leaves the park boundaries.

Street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhoods. Please do not block driveways and please do not block the fire gates; it is illegal and you may receive a parking citation and your vehicle may be towed.

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