Laguna Lake Trails

Laguna Lake Trails

Laguna Lake Park lies south of Cerro San Luis. This 375-acre park includes a 25-acre lake and several hiking trails. The trek from Laguna Lake Park up San Luis Mountain is 5.7 mile round trip with 1,150 feet of elevation gain (for those who prefer something shorter, there is also a more direct four-mile route from a trailhead at the end of Fernandez Road). There’s also an easy loop trail around the base of the hill (see below).

There is no sign formally marking the start of the trail, but an obvious path leads northwest away from the parking lot. After a few hundred yards, there is a sign marking the boundary of the open space, and a wooden gate. Just past the gate, go right on an unmarked trail, avoiding the more obvious path that continues straight. This is the Laguna Lake Upper Loop Trail. The trail gradually rises along the south slope of the hill, aiming generally north.

After 0.65 miles from the start, the trail reaches a T-junction near a fence line. Here, turn left to parallel the fence line. The trail to the right can be used to access Cerro San Luis.Continue along the fence line, passing a junction with the unsigned Meadow Trail, which leads directly back to the parking lot.

Laguna Lake Trailhead: Heading west on Madonna Road, turn right on Dalidio Drive into Laguna Lake Park. Parking is free, but limited, and restrooms are provided. There’s also an off-leash (but not fenced) dog play area.

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