Lobos Creek Valley Trail

Lobos Creek Valley Trail

Before San Francisco blossomed into the bustling city we know today, it was adorned with coastal sand dunes and a native landscape that has since been lost due to development over two centuries.In 1994, a significant restoration effort was undertaken to revive the original dune ecosystem of Lobos Creek Valley and create the Lobos Creek Valley Trail.

This trail features a flat, at-grade boardwalk that meanders through rejuvenated habitats, including the refreshing waters of Lobos Creek. Take in the delightful scents of beach sage wort and other fragrant native plants, while dragonflies and butterflies gracefully dance around you. Listen to the lively chatter of birds and keep your eyes peeled for rare flora species like the San Francisco wallflower, the San Francisco lessingia, and the San Francisco spineflower.

As you reach the eastern end of the trail, the Lobos Valley Overlook offers breathtaking views, allowing you to gaze back at the landscape that once inspired Ansel Adams, the iconic American photographer who spent his formative years nearby.

Dogs are welcome to join you on leash. Please keep them on the trail.

Restrooms can be found at Baker Beach for your convenience, making your outdoor adventure even more enjoyable, whether you’re exploring with your dog or just enjoying the serene beauty of this preserved natural treasure.

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