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The Fight is Over: the GGNRA Rolls Over!
After a 14-year battle to protect the rights of dog parents in the GGNRA, the National Park Service has withdrawn the proposed dog management plan. Here is the latest from Cassandra Fimrite, Marin County DOG:

“The withdraw of the dog plan is huge to Marinites. We now get to continue to experience the joy of watching our dogs romp in the waves at Muir and hiking alongside us on beautiful trails.

This win is also a reminder that ripples of activism can turn into a tidal wave of unstoppable change. We halted a flawed planning process, 16 years in the making, that was not based on need or science, which is totally unprecedented. It was a real David versus Goliath story. Had the dog plan gone through, the quality of life here in Marin would have undoubtedly been diminished.

For most of us, walking with our dogs is not only an enjoyably way to exercise but a sacred activity that keeps us sane and grounded to the natural world. They didn’t take it away from us! So let’s now, as dog owners, recommit to taking care of the GGNRA so future generations can experience the same joy."

The Marin County Dog Owners Group (DOG) is the watchdog of fair pet policies in Marin County.

They defend the right of responsible dog owners to take their pets to community trails and beaches. They support environmental stewardship and believe that goal is compatible with recreational use—as it has been for decades.

Marin County DOG works together with governmental agencies, non-profits, environmental organizations and Marin citizens to find sensible, pet-friendly solutions. They speak for the interests of two and four-legged friends.

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