Mario’s Italian Cafe

Mario’s Italian Cafe

Mario’s truly is your neighborhood Italian café — a full-value Italian restaurant coupled with pizza-house prices and dinner-house quality. In addition, Mario’s Italian Cafés aims to bring an enjoyable family atmosphere to complete your dining experience.

What sets Mario’s Italian Cafés apart as a restaurant is their selection of fresh pastas and sauces. Featured on the menu are Fettuccini, penne, spaghetti, linguine, and angel hair pasta. When combined with the sauce and toppings of your choice, including Bolognese, al pesto, Alfredo, creamy marinara, carbonara, and meatballs, Mario’s promises to bring the taste of old Italy to you.

For pizza lovers, Mario’s hand tosses their New York style pizzas and bakes them in brick ovens. Together with their unique specialties and homemade ingredients, Mario’s offers a tremendous pizza selection on their menu.

Last updated on January 17, 2023.

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