Mather Regional Park

Mather Regional Park

On land previously operated by the Air Force, Mather Regional Park has now become the home to a wide range of activities. This 1600-acre park is among the fastest growing in the region, with new activities and opportunities appearing frequently. Leashed dogs are welcome.

The park is home to Mather Golf Course, a 168-acre course with plenty of trees. Families can enjoy the group picnic area at the park’s entrance. This lakeside area offers plenty of picnic opportunities for groups and families and can be reserved in advance.

Mather Lake is stocked with bass or trout, depending on the time of year. Off the beaten path, it is among the area’s best-kept secret fishing holes. A State of California Fishing License​ is required to fish at Mather Lake. 

Nature lovers and young children will be thrilled to see the rare vernal pools and wetlands that dot the area like tiny wild gardens. Watch fish and frogs alongside these pools, or look closer to discover why the rare fairy shrimp got its name.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset and parking fees are collected daily.

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