Nelder Grove

Nelder Grove

The Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias is a 1540 acre tract in the Sierra National Forest containing 106 mature giant sequoias intermingled in a forest of second growth pine, fir and incense cedar.

Located in the center of the sequoia range, south of Yosemite National Park, the grove has been managed as a historical site, preserving the uniqueness and historical significance of the giant sequoias.

There is a one mile long, self-guiding interpretive walk along The Shadow of the Giants National Recreation Trail, located in the southwest corner of the grove.

The Graveyard of the Giants, a small grove of large sequoias killed by a wildfire can be seen after a three-mile hike along a trail from the campground. On a nearby ridge is a group of sequoias known as "Granddad and the Kids." Beneath an isolated, mature sequoia with one huge branch outstretched like a protective arm, stands several young sequoias.

• Dogs are welcome on leash. Please pick up after your dog.

• Toilets are located at the beginning of the trail. 

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