New Museum Brewers and Blenders

New Museum Brewers and Blenders

New Museum Brewers and Blenders in Mendocino County is a true dog-friendly family-run brewery located in the rural coastal town of Point Arena. Owners, partners and brewmasters Rose & Peter serve up tasty beers at their cool taproom. 

While taking a more “Old World” approach, their beers are fermented in unique 1:1 open top squares. This approach creates beers with expression, unachievable by modern industrialized fermentation techniques. Whether it’s crisp & refreshing, or pungent & dank, their beers are ever changing and a true representation of Rose and Peter’s efforts.

New Museum Brewers and Blenders also has a nice “snacks” menu, with nachos, salads, tacos and more. They have a great patio where they often have live music, and dogs are welcome to join their people.

They are also part of the Mendocino County Beer trail. Most of the establishments on the trail are dog-friendly; beer lovers, be sure to check it out.

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