Pine Hill Guest House

Pine Hill Guest House

Enjoy this delightful two bedroom house amidst a private forest of pine, manzanita and oak trees. Beautiful views of the sunrise / sunset from the outdoor seating areas.

Please let property owner know you will be traveling with your dog.

Pet Rules: 
1) No pets on the beds or cloth-covered seating. 
2) Litter Box must be kept on a hard non-permeable surface (ie. Cement floor in Rec Room or tile in the Bathroom). Litter Box must be tended in such a manner that there is no lingering odor of excreta. 
3) No poop bombs left in the yard. All fecal matter must be bagged, in plastic, & disposed of in the trash. 
4) Pet can not be left unattended. If you have a traveling carrier/kennel that the pet can be contained in while you are sight-seeing, then the pet may be left unattended. 

Last updated on September 18, 2023.

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