Point Isabel Regional Shoreline

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline

East Bay Regional Park District 80 years logoThere are beautiful views of the Golden Gate and Marin County from this landscaped, 23-acre dog park at the west end of Central Avenue in Richmond.

This is the one of the largest and busiest public off-leash dog parks in the nation, with more than 500,000 dog visits per year.

Owners must have a leash with them and have their dog under voice control and within sight at all times.

Animals showing aggressive behavior toward people or other animals should be leashed immediately and taken out of the park.

Please prevent dogs from digging or damaging resources, and please place your animal’s waste in a trash can. Dogs must be on leash in parking lots and streets.

Besides dog play, Point Isabel Regional Shoreline provides rich birdwatching opportunities, particularly in the fall.  

Other activities and attractions include bay fishing (license required), jogging and running trails, bike riding, kite flying, and picnicking.

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