Pulgas Ridge Open Space

Pulgas Ridge Open Space

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space logoPulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve is a 366-acre site near the City of San Carlos and provides trails for hiking and walking one's dog, including an off-leash area. The preserve's six miles of trails offers access to cool canyons and a ridge top with views toward the bay and surrounding hillsides.

Elevation gain on the trails is only about 300 feet, and the inclines are gentle. The Polly Geraci Trail winds along the Cordilleras stream bed and meets the paved Hassler Trail on the 650-foot hilltop.

The Blue Oak Trail begins just past the private Redwood Center and climbs through oaks to meet the paved trail at around 450 feet in elevation.

The paved road continues across the grassy hill to the edge of a roadside viewpoint on Interstate 280. Constructing a loop of the Cordilleras, Polly Geraci, Hassler and Blue Oak Trails constitutes about three miles.

Newer trails include the Dusky-Footed Woodrat Trail and Dick Bishop Trail.

• Length: 1.5 mile loop
• Difficulty: Easy
• Open to: Hikers, ADA, dogs on leash
• Please remember to Leave Only Paw Prints™

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