Round Valley SNO-Park

Round Valley SNO-Park

Round Valley SNO-Park is located on Highway 207 (Mt. Reba Road), just north of Highway 4.

There are two ridges accessible from the SNO-Park: the ridge formed by Poison Peak (8420) and Peak 8605, which runs from east to west and separates Round Valley and Poison Canyon. This area offers open terrain for downhill activities. The other ridge runs from north to south, and allows access to Round Valley and Mount Reba.

Recommended Activities: Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and snow play. Snowmobiles prohibited.

The SNO-Park program provides winter recreation at locations along the Sierra Nevada. Distinctive brown highway signs located along highways identify the SNO-Parks. 

Each SNO-Park provides visitors access to snow-cleared parking lots and sanitation facilities. Snow conditions determine accessibility and opportunities available at each site.

SNO-Parks are open seasonally between November 1 and May 30. Visitors are required to purchase and display a parking permit for each vehicle parked at a SNO-Park. Fees are $15 per day or $40 for the season.

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