Service Dog Tutor

Service Dog Tutor

service dog tutor logoWhether your dog is a new addition to your household or already a beloved member of the family, we can work with you and your dog one-on-one with our highly effective Private Lessons. Your dog can become the best companion you’ve ever had. This is ideal for people who want the entire household involved in the training, so the dog responds to everyone. Seniors and people with limited mobility love in-home training.

Personal classes like these focus on your dog–unlike group classes where you are lucky to get 10 minutes of the trainer’s time in a one-hour class. If you don’t have the time to devote to the training or want to see quick changes in your dog’s behavior, we can train the dog for you in our Day Training Program. Best of all, both of these training scenarios occur at your home at a time that is convenient to your family.

jean cary photoJean Cary has over thirty years experience training companion dogs, pet assisted therapy dogs and pheasant hunting dogs. For the past two decades she has been involved with Pet Assisted Therapy programs, establishing teams to visit with patients at four hospitals on the San Francisco Peninsula. She currently leads the Pet Therapy team at the Menlo Park Veterans’ Hospital.

Jean has mentored with Martina Contreras, a certified professional dog trainer for obedience and agility training. Currently, Jean is under the tutelage of Glenn Martyn, Executive Director of the Hearing Dogs Program in San Francisco. She is teaching her West Highland Terrier, Ranger, to retrieve a variety of objects and alert to specific sounds, so that he can be a demo dog for service work. Jean can be reached at 650.593.9622 or

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