Stebbins Cold Canyon Trail

Stebbins Cold Canyon Trail

Editor's note: This reserve was one of the first areas to burn in the Wragg fire in August 2015. Trails remain closed until further notice….

The full hike is a 4 mile loop hike up Cold Canyon and then to the Blue Ridge with spectacular views of Lake Berryessa and the surrounding area. Alternate partial hikes are a half mile (one way) very steep hike to the Spillway Overlook on the ridge or a moderate one mile hike (one way) up the canyon to the Old Homestead.

Length/Degree of Difficulty: strenuous 

• Loop trail – 4 miles, strenuous, elevation gain of 1500 feet
• Canyon hike to old homestead – 1 mile (one way), moderate, elevation gain of 520 feet (No dogs as it's a nature reserve).
• Ridge hike to Putah Creek valley vista – half mile (one way), very strenuous, elevation gain of 1040 feet. (If you have a dog with you, skip the Canyon portion. Pass the entrance sign shown below and continue on the road until you see a second silver gate on the left. Head up to the top of the ridge here, and then south once you reach the top. Come back the same way).

Updated 9/23/15