Stornetta Public Lands

Stornetta Public Lands

The 1,600 acre Stornetta Public Lands are located along the Mendocino County coast just north of Point Arena. They encompass two-plus miles of coastline, the estuary of the Garcia River and adjacent beach, and a small island accessible during low tide.

Stornetta borders the Pacific Ocean and the historic Point Arena Lighthouse on the west.  Manchester State Park is on the north, Highway 1 and Windy Hollow County Road on the east. 

Under interim management rules, people can use the area for daytime activities including hiking, picnicking, nature photography, and wildlife watching.

Dogs are allowed, but once a final management plan is adopted, motor vehicles, bicycles, horses and overnight camping will be prohibited. 

Parking is not permitted on parts of Lighthouse Road and the land is private property. Parking is definitely not available on Miner Hole Road. The road is closed. You can only walk in and there is no dumping. It is private land until you reach the cattle guard.

CAUTION! The Stornetta coastal area contains many hazards including sink holes and unstable cliffs.  Offshore rocks that are accessible at low tide can be under water at high tide.

• Please keep your dog leashed or under voice control and remember to pick up and properly dispose of any waste.

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