Dog-friendly surprises in Solano County

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog in a vineyard 

Taken aback by prices at Napa and Sonoma hotels and wineries? Stay in Vacaville at half the price (or, just make it a day-trip) and visit nearby Suisun Valley Rustic Wine Country, a verdant Solano County agricultural region where you’ll find numerous dog-friendly wineries offering outdoor, socially distanced tasting opportunities.

At Wooden Valley, for example, tastings take place in personal areas on the patio or picnic area distanced from other groups, menus are laminated and sanitized after each use and face coverings are required for staff and guests (except while sipping, of course).

While no food is served on site, you’re welcome to bring your own picnic or snacks, along with water bowls and treats for your four-legged companion.

You’ll find a similar setup at Vezer Family Vineyard’s two locations (Mankas Gardens  and the Blue Victorian), where outdoor service takes place at socially distanced tables on beautifully landscaped grounds, no reservations necessary! Insider tip: Be sure to sample the signature wines from what Vezer calls the “petit sirah capital of the world.”

But back to Vacaville: You’ve treated yourself; now treat your pup to some pant time with a visit to the 30,000 square-foot, fenced, off-leash dog park at 470-acre Lagoon Valley Park (entry fee $5).

Another prize for DogTrekkers is Rockville Hills Regional Park, a 633-acre, path-laced gem just north of Interstate 80 near the 680 split. And then there’s Rush Ranch, a 2,070-acre swath of open space little changed since before urban sprawl began claiming the surrounding hills. Owned and managed by the Solano Land Trust, the ranch is part working cattle operation, part historic site and altogether an intriguing destination for DogTrekkers and their families.


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