Dog-friendly wineries in Mendocino County

By: DogTrekker Staff
a dog wearing a bandana sitting in front of a bar.

Paws and pours, wagging tails and swirling glasses, Mendocino County, affectionately known as “Mendo”, is a wine lover’s paradise that extends its warm welcome to your furry friends too. Here, we’ll journey through some of the best dog-friendly wineries this Northern California gem has to offer.

Start your adventure at Frey Vineyards, America’s first organic and biodynamic winery. Savor the robust flavors of their reds or the delicate notes in their whites, all while your pooch basks in the California sun. Frey Vineyards is more than just a winery, it’s a testament to sustainable viticulture, and its dog-friendly policy adds to the charm. The welcoming environment sets the tone for an unforgettable experience for both you and your dog.

Then, head over to Goldeneye Winery in the heart of Anderson Valley. Known for their exceptional Pinot Noir, Goldeneye offers a serene backdrop that’s just as enjoyable for your four-legged friend as it is for you. Picture your pup, trotting around the picturesque vineyard while you sip on some of the finest wines Mendo has to offer.

Next, make your way to the historic Parducci Wine Cellars. As the oldest winery in Mendocino County, Parducci offers not just a wine tasting but a walk through history. Your dog can explore the vineyard’s wide-open spaces as you sample a broad selection of wines.

Finally, also in Philo, is Handley Cellars. This family-owned winery is an oasis for both wine lovers and their dogs. The stunning views of surrounding vineyards and Handley’s diverse range of wines create an unforgettable experience.

In Mendo, the vineyards are as welcoming as the wines are enticing. The dog-friendly culture of these wineries gives wine tasting a new dimension, creating experiences that are meant to be shared with your best friend. So, leash up, fill your glass, and explore the wonders of dog-friendly wineries in Mendocino County. A world of wagging tails and wonderful wines awaits.


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