East Bay SPCA dog training classes

By: DogTrekker Staff
Brown and white dog on leash does "down" command
Photo by Destiny Wiens.

The East Bay SPCA has completely revamped their training classes to accommodate the modern needs of the urban or suburban dog while using the most effective, cutting-edge, scientifically supported learning theory and teaching methods.

Skill Builders is the entry level class designed to teach general good manners in the home and the foundation necessary for more advanced training.

Connection Boosters provides that more advanced training and focuses on the skills and relationship enabling a dog to join their owner anywhere dogs are allowed, from outdoor restaurants to off-leash hikes or city walks.

puppy in training
Dog in training

Puppy Stars provides gentle exposure to all the interesting things your puppy will likely encounter while preparing owners for the exciting experience of puppy raising.

They also offer specialty classes like Calm, Cool, and Collected: The Class for your Feisty Fido, where reactive dogs can learn new skills, and Canine Coaching Crash Course, a 3-week course designed for the busy dog owner who can’t devote as much time to classes but still wants to train their dog at home.

The East Bay SPCA offers morning, afternoon, and evening classes on weekdays and weekends in both Dublin and Oakland, and all classes are taught by experienced credentialed instructors. Sign up online here.


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