Eco to the Bone

By: DogTrekker Staff

An entire industry has grown up around dog products that claim to be environmentally friendly. Google around, and you’ll find everything from the practical (biodegradable poop bags) to things you could probably live without (chemical-free aromatherapy spritzes and dental wipes).

We’ve sniffed like bloodhounds to uncover a few products every DogTrekker can enjoy without clogging up the landfill. Here are a few of our favorites.

Toys filled with polyester fluff are no-nos for eco-conscious dog lovers. A more Earth-friendly and lasting alternative is to be found in sturdy, recyclable Orbee-Tuff products from PlanetDog, a socially conscious vendor that devotes 25 percent of each purchase to the training, placement and support of service dogs. (The buoyant, bouncy and minty Orbee Ball, $7-$16.50 depending on size, is especially appropriate for Earth Day, given that it’s modeled like a globe.)

Hemp is in, and you don’t have to inhale to get a kick out of a hemp dog collars from EarthDoggy or a hemp dog bed from Bambeco.

When it comes to bath time, you’ll find as many eco-friendly shampoos on the market as there are breeds of dogs. They all have their merits, but one line we can strongly recommend is Buddy Wash. Coconut-based and infused with botanicals and other natural ingredients, it leaves your dog’s coat shiny, soft and smelling… well, take your pick from lavender and mint, rosemary and mint or green tea and bergamot. Luscious stuff.


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