Fall Special

By: DogTrekker Staff

Autumn in Mendocino is one of the best-kept secrets by locals and there’s a good reason why. Beautiful days, cool nights and a lot of dog-friendly activities at your pup’s bark and call.

Where to stay, that’s easy, the Stanford Inn by the Sea, now offering fall rates at up to a 20% discount. Booking direct using your AAA or AARP card or calling direct at (707) 937-5615 will provide you with the best rates on the internet.

And remember, dogs eat inside at Ravens Restaurant with their parents, can walk the 10-acre property to see the views, explore the organic gardens, check out the horses, miniature donkeys and llamas and then ride with you on the Big River estuary in a custom redwood “canine cruiser” from Catch-a-Canoe.