Fee-Free Luxury

By: DogTrekker Staff

Maverick, director of pet relations at Kimpton's Palomar hotel.Kimpton Hotels and Joie de Vivre, the leading boutique hotel players in Northern California, are also leaders of the pack when it comes to dog-friendly policies.

JDV in 2009 dropped both weight limits and pet fees at 13 of its 35 properties, including seven in San Francisco, two in the East Bay and Marin County, one in Monterey County and two in Silicon Valley. It also perked up in the amenities department to offer in-room dog beds, food, bowls and other amenities, along with lots of suggestions for folks paying the bill.

Kimpton Hotels, with 13 properties in California, was the first full-service brand to go completely dog-friendly. Its HosPETality program makes available everything from beds to travel tags, doggie massage and gourmet cuisine. Lists of pet-friendly businesses are provided at check-in, and many properties have a four-legged "Director of Pet Relations" on site to welcome guests with a wet nose and wagging tail.
Another brand that welcomes canine companions at no extra charge is Sheraton, which provides a Welcome Kit at check-in and beds and other amenities on request.
Photo: "Maverick, Director of Pet Relations, Palomar" – Kimpton Hotels


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