Full Day of Fun at Avila Beach

By: DogTrekker Staff
Collie at Avila Beach

Lisa and her dog, Penny love Avila Beach! Here's what Lisa had to say about their Avila Beach adventure:

There is so much fun to be had. We first visit Olde Port Beach (Dog Beach) and run up and down the coastline. Then, as I beach comb, Penny runs off to play with all the other dogs. They do their welcome sniffs and then it's "hey human throw that ball." We'll play fetch for a while. Penny at Harford PierNext, we take a nice walk on Harford Pier. It's fun to see all the sleepy seals under the pilings. Be careful, there are no railings so you and your pup could fall over the edge, yikes! Do seals and pups get along?

After a full day of adventure, we've both built up our appetites, and it's time to eat. We head straight for the Custom House. They have a dog menu! Penny gets the frozen yogurt with peanut butter drizzle.

After all this fun, it's naptime!


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