Hunting for Bigfoot

By: DogTrekker Staff
Trail in redwood trees
Photo by Eddie Suh.

It’s always cool on the Redwood Coast, so don’t worry about leaving Sparky in the car while you spend half an hour at the Willow Creek-China Flat Bigfoot Museum (open May-October), where you’ll see film footage, footprint casts and other artifacts related to the hairy hominid that has even earned a starring role in the county’s tourism marketing campaign awhile back. (Hey, you gotta believe!)

Squatchers are a dime a dozen in these parts, so don’t hesitate to engage locals in conversation—or ask them where they take their dogs for a run or a walk.

Chances are they’ll point you to favorite haunts like Sequoia Park, a 75-acre redwood preserve in Eureka; or Arcata Community Forest, about 800 acres of ferny, second-growth woodlands just minutes from downtown Arcata.

You can also wander into Headwaters Forest Reserve, site of many tree-sits and anti-logging demonstrations over the years. Old-growth areas are off limits except on guided tours, but dogs under reliable voice control are allowed to accompany you off-leash on the first three miles of the Elk River Trail in the reserve’s northern section, about six miles southeast of Eureka.


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