Just for Fun Apps

By: DogTrekker Staff

Happy Puppy in fieldSo many of these are on the market we could go cross-eyed trying to test them all. So we’re sticking with our previous choices, topped off by Dog Sounds & Body Talk. Watch your dog’s ears perk up—or lie down, as the case may be—when you expose her to the primal sound of a howling wolf, the squeaking of a squirrel, the meow of a cat, the din of a pounding thunderstorm and other sounds geared to elicit a reaction. Flip over to the “body talk” pages, learn to read canine body language, then play the sounds again and gauge what your dog is trying to tell you. Cost: Free.

Smack Talk
Scroll to the puppy picture, record your voice and the pup repeats it back in a squeaky voice. Save up to 30 seconds of video and post on YouTube or share on Facebook. Pretty funny. Cost: 99 cents.


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