Kayla Visits Cable Car Coffee

By: DogTrekker Staff
Cable Car Coffee

Heading south on H/W 101 just past the first Mill Valley exit (East Blithedale), on the way to DogTrekker.com HQ, Kayla lifts her head up from the backseat of the car and looks around. As we exit off the freeway onto Redwood Highway, she stands up and her head goes out the window. By time we turn in to one of the double driveways of the Cable Car Coffee kiosk, her nose is working overtime and sometimes she has to be warned to stay inside the car — leaning is OK, climbing out isn't.


As the always cheerful baristas prepare Dad's excellent cup of morning coffee, the biscuit appears and makes its way to the back seat where Kayla has her first treat of the day. How does she know that heading to the red cable car building means a treat? Well, she has been visiting Cable Car Coffee for some time now and of course, she is a lab after all!

kayla eats

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