Moveable Feast

By: DogTrekker Staff
Maggie on the River Train
Maggie on the RiverTrain

This just in: The Sacramento RiverTrain is now dog-friendly! That’s right, your pooch can ride along with you in open-air cars on three-hour, themed daytime trips that feature wine or beer tastings; picnics, “great train robberies” and, on the horizon, zombie trains and pumpkin-patch visits.  While fares for human passengers vary according to trip, dog tickets are priced at a bare-bones $10.

Many River Train trips include stops at parks, picnic sites or other attractions, but some don’t, so know before you sign up if your pup can go three hours without a potty break. Suitable canine candidates should be well socialized, good natured and able to cope with crowds, masked bandits and unfamiliar noise. The River Train, which rolls between West Sacramento and Woodland, also offers dinner and brunch excursions with meals served in enclosed cars. Sorry DogTrekkers, those trips are off limits to pets.