November: Adopt a Senior Dog

By: DogTrekker Staff
Senior “Bear” joins Rebecca and Elizabeth’s young family.

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, a month dedicated to helping older pets find loving homes. Senior pets are the last to be adopted from shelters, leaving them with an increased risk of euthanasia. We thank all of the DogTrekkers who took our challenge to raise funds during the fifth annual Saving Senior Dogs week and encourage those who haven’t yet to give this month.

Leave no dog behind. That’s the DogTrekker mission, and the principle that guides our work with California’s animal welfare organizations. The 10 senior dog rescues in California, and others nationwide, do so much for our most vulnerable best friends.

Senior dogs have given us a lifetime of devotion, unwavering loyalty, and boundless love. From the exuberance of their early years to the wisdom of their twilight years, they have shared in our joys and comforted us in our sorrows. They’ve been our playmates, confidants, and steadfast protectors. We need to save them now, please help us.


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