Odds, Ends and Wins

By: DogTrekker Staff

orbit holiday dog toysIn today’s down economy, many of us prefer to seek out goods made in the U.S.A. That’s not always easy to do, but Planet Dog, a value-based pet-supply wholesaler, simplifies the process with a selection of 45 durable toys manufactured in the Lower 48. Look for them at your neighborhood pet-supply retail store. Before you go, check out Planet Dog’s “chew-o-meter” to help make an appropriate selection.

Most owners of dogs who like to fetch (or just chase moving objects) are familiar with Chuckit ball launchers. But you may not be aware that these popular throwing instruments can be loaded with much more than tennis balls. To rev up your game with Rover, try a specialty ball that floats, whistles, glows in the dark, bounces high, hugs the ground or acts erratically. There’s even an indoor version to help you keep your pup occupied on the rainiest of days. Look for them wherever Chuckits are sold.

paco collars are custom made If you frequent dog parks in the Bay Area or other places where humans gather to show off their tail-waggers, you’ve probably complimented someone on their dog’s extraordinarily beautiful collar. Chances are that handcrafted fashion statement came from Paco Collars in Berkeley. Each Paco collar is handcrafted from a base of latigo leather, often with rhinestones, studs, faux jewels, conchos and other bling worked into the design. Paco makes leashes, tags and goodies for cats and people, too. The company has a retail store in Berkeley, and its products also can be found in many Northern California dog boutiques.


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