Orphan Dog 2019

By: DogTrekker Staff
Little white mix dog

Looking for a puppy to be your constant companion? Here's little Charoli, who along with her five sibs is being cared for by Orphan Dog in Lake County. They're all the babies of Mama Cinnamon, a Chihuahua who landed in the shelter extremely pregnant. This scenario often ends badly, but Orphan Dog specializes in working with local shelters, community groups, and volunteers to save dogs who need a bit of time, medical attention, and TLC before they're ready for new homes.

Since 2004, Orphan Dog has made a lifesaving difference for over 4,500 dogs, providing them with a safe haven en route to their forever families. They're also proactive with community efforts aimed at keeping dogs from ending up in the shelters in the first place, including spay-neuter clinics. Orphan Dog also maintains an active presence on social media and is often seen networking when there's a crisis putting a dog at sudden risk of homelessness.

Currently Orphan Dog is strongly focused on spay-neuter efforts, offering clinics providing the surgery at no cost to pet owners thanks to donor support. So far almost 400 dogs and cats have been spayed and neutered this year, and another clinic is coming up soon.


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