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By: DogTrekker Staff
Man and dog reading a book together

Whether it’s a novel, a feel-good memoir, a training how-to or a delve into animal psychology, books about animals and the animal-human bond make cherished gifts for the dog-lovers in your life. Jeff Stanford, owner of the dog-passionate Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, provided this list of favorites enjoyed by his guests.

Lead with your Heart, Lessons from a Life with Horses, by Allan J. Hamilton. For animal lovers and those who appreciate our connection with them.

The Underdogs: Children, Dogs and the Power of Unconditional Love, by Melissa Faye Greene – about dogs and their relationships to humans in need. This is a book regarding how dogs rescue humans from the grief, loneliness and the pain of disability.

Finding Gobi: A Little Dog With A Very Big Heart, by Dion Leonard. Relationship of an ultramarathoner and a dog who followed him and eventually reached the United Kingdom. Versions of this book are available for children.

Sally’s Snow Adventure and all Sally Books by Stephen Huneck. These are for younger children and lots of fun.

Maddie on Things: A Super-Serious Project About Dogs and Physics, by Theron Humphrey. A charming and creative picture book featuring an elegant red-ticked coonhound posing in improbable places.

Find Momo, by Andrew Knapp. Remember Waldo? In this book, a photographer makes a game out of hiding Momo the border collie in spectacular images

Being Human, by William Wegman. Wegman’s whimsical photographs of his Weimaraner dogs dressed like people have been celebrated in the art world and enjoyed by pet lovers for nearly four decades. This collection draws from his best work.

Mutts Shelter Stories: Love, Guaranteed, by Patrick McDonnnel. The MUTTS comic-strip creator juxtaposes more than 70 photographs of adopted pets alongside his popular “Shelter Stories” strips.

Unlikely Friendships: Dogs, by Jennifer S. Holland. Thirty-seven heartwarming stories of canine compassion and courage.

Comet’s Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life, by Steven D Wolf. Two former winners, one an attorney down on his luck, the other an injured greyhound off the track, adopt each other and are changed as Wolf trains Comet to be a service dog and Comet attracts new friends to Wolf’s circle.

One Very Big Dog: Free Days with George, by Colin Campbell. A heartbroken man adopts a 140-pound Newfoundland Landseer and together they learn how to share space, socialize and overcome bad experiences.

Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him, by Luis Montalvan. Two wounded warriors, one a traumatized soldier, the other a mistreated dog, find salvation in each other.

Dog Is My Copilot: Rescue Tales of Flying Dogs, Second Chances, and the Hero Who Might Live Next Door, by Patrick Regan. Two dozen stories tell inspiring tales of Pilots N Paws, America’s most unique and high-flying animal rescue organization.


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