Paws To Path Hiking With Your Dog

By: DogTrekker Staff

two dogs on path

We know that putting paws to path is one of your favorite activities, especially when you can unsnap the leash and let your best friend sniff as she will. With help from our readers, DogTrekker is doggone determined to keep up a regular flow of suggestions on places to hike in spring, summer, fall and winter so that you’ll never run short of ideas.

In the past year we’ve sweetened the pot with newsletters addressing themes such as waterfall hikes, where to enjoy the best fall color, where to go for a snowshoe hike with your four-legged pal and where to find the rare state park that doesn’t relegate pets to the parking lot.

While we at DogTrekker cover a lot of territory with our canine companions, we can’t be everywhere at once. To keep our bark strong, we team up with our dog-passionate partners and look to you, our readers, for input and suggestions. Got a dog-friendly discovery you’d like to yap about?  Please go to the “Submit Your Favorite Dog Place” button on and let us know where in California your dog likes to take you. You can also upload a picture of your pup in his favorite place.


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