Pet-friendly accommodations

By: DogTrekker Staff
Cute dachshund pet lies in dog bed at dog-friendly hotel
Discover affordable places to stay in GOCAL!

Greater Ontario, California, warmly welcomes both you and your four-legged friend with an array of pet-friendly accommodations. From cozy inns and comfortable hotels to spacious vacation rentals, you’ll find options that ensure a delightful stay for both you and your beloved pet.

Among these pet-friendly options is the Ontario Airport Hotel and Conference Center, which offers a comfortable stay for you and your pet. Their pet-friendly rooms ensure that your dog feels right at home.

Another excellent choice is the Ayres Hotel Ontario Mills, where pets are not only allowed but also pampered with special amenities. The Sheraton Ontario Airport Hotel is also a pet-friendly option, featuring spacious rooms and outdoor areas for your dog’s enjoyment.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy inn, a comfortable hotel, or a spacious vacation rental, Greater Ontario’s pet-friendly accommodations promise a memorable and stress-free stay for you and your furry friend, allowing you to make the most of your visit to this pet-welcoming destination.


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