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By: DogTrekker Staff
Pops. Photo courtesy: Pilots N Paws

Meet Pops. Things didn't look good for this elderly terrier mix when he landed in the Baldwin Park shelter in Los Angeles with no history and several health issues. The good folks at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in SF were willing to take the little guy in, but they weren't exactly local.

Luckily, Pilots N Paws swooped in and flew Pops to safety. Since 2008, this national organization has been coming to the aid of dogs, cats, and a host of other critters in danger who needed to get from Point A to Point B fast—whether because of overcrowded shelters, natural disaster, or some other crisis. With volunteers in all 50 states, including more than 5,000 pilots, PNP flies over 15,000 animals a year to safety. Including Pops, who's now enjoying life in his forever home after getting his medical needs met and winging his way to his Muttville foster mom in Palo Alto.

Lemmy. Photo courtesy: Pilots N Paws

Besides the pilots, each rescue takes a team of angels to make it happen. When Lemmy, a 7-year-old boxer, languished in a shelter in San Jacinto because of a tumor on his leg, Rocket Dog Rescue offered to help. Coordinator Michelle set up the flight and made the Southern California arrangements, finding volunteers to foster Lemmy for a few days and then take him to the Riverside airport.

Lemmy ready to board the plane
Lemmy watching planes take off. Photo courtesy: Pilots N Paws

Pilots Bill and John flew him to Paso Robles, then pilot Chris took him to San Carlos, where volunteer Deb picked him up and took him to foster mom Kira. Lemmy, too, got the medical attention he needed and was quickly adopted.

For Pops, Lemmy, and countless other dogs around the country, PNP's work has meant the difference between life and death. Says Muttville founder Sherry Franklin: "Muttville now gets 30% of our dogs from Southern California. Without Pilots N Paws, those dogs would never make it here to start new lives. Pilots N Paws are true heroes!"

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Pops – Pilots N Paws
Lemmy – Pilots N Paws
Lemmy watching planes take off – Pilots N Paws


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