Please support DogTrekker partners who put stewardship first

By: DogTrekker Staff
a sign that says help us keep our trails beautiful and dog friendly.

Since our launch in 2011, has taken a holistic approach to protecting pups and park access across California, suggesting simple tips for thoughtful dog travel through our Leave Only Paw Prints initiative. In addition to minimizing the impact on wildlife and natural habitats, we create a safety net for pups. That’s especially important when you visit unfamiliar trails and beaches.

We salute our DogTrekker mountain partners who share our love of the wilderness and desire to protect California’s legendary landscapes for future generations. These include Placer County, home to Tahoe City, and Mammoth Lakes, which has been promoting responsible tourism practices for years.

Protecting both your dog and the environment is easy. Check out our six Leave Only Paw Prints® values as you plan your next adventure—whether you’re walking down the block or trekking in new terrain.


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