Sacramento: A Beer-Lover’s Magnet

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dogs with people having a beer in Sacramento

Sacramento might be situated smack in the middle of the Central Valley, but its location on the Sacramento and American rivers made it a central player in the 1849 Gold Rush, when a waterfront boomtown (now preserved as Old Sacramento) sported saloons aplenty catering to thirsty prospectors headed to and from the Mother Lode.

Later, it became a huge hops-growing center, fueling breweries near and far. Prohibition put an end to that, but talk about a comeback: today, several of the more than 40 craft-beer producers in the region (virtually all with dog-friendly taprooms) are giving a try at growing their own hops (or buying from local producers) in a climate that couldn’t be more perfect for it. Among the pioneers: Ruhstaller, named for a Gold Rush-era brewer and touting the slogan “we grow beer.” Its new basement taproom in downtown Sacramento features 14 rotating taps that include small-batch R&D beers. Well-behaved dogs and kids welcome.

Photo credit: @brewswithbuster


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