Safe and snug in snow country

By: DogTrekker Staff
pug wearing blue jacket stand in snow covered forest
Plan ahead for snow trips.

Some dogs adore climbing snowdrifts and romping in fresh powder. If you’re planning snow-season adventures with your favorite pup, don’t forget to winterize! Think of it as one more important step in your winter travels. Prep the car for slick conditions. Dress yourself in warm layers. Outfit the dog for snowy trails and seasonal temperatures. Here’s how to protect pets when the flakes fly.

For safer winter fun with furry family members, consider these steps:

  • Wipe or wash your dog’s paws after playing outdoors in the snow. Pups that lick their feet clean can ingest salt and the toxic de-icers used to treat roads and parking lots.
  • For an extra layer of protection, coat your pet’s paws with Tuf-Foot, Mushers Secret or  classic Vaseline to prevent dry skin and abrasion.
  • Dog booties can keep ice from building up between your dog’s toes, and they add a buffer against cold surfaces.
  • When you’re dealing with rain showers, wet snow or frigid temperatures, a waterproof coat or vest can keep your dog warmer and more comfortable.
  • If it’s especially stormy or icy, consider skipping the walk and playing indoor fetch or pulling out the tug toys. Pups need to burn off energy, even when weather conditions don’t cooperate.

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