Sit and stay: dog-friendly hotels and RV parks in Gilroy, CA

By: DogTrekker Staff
Two dogs in hotel room bed in Gilroy

Whether you are planning to bring your dog along on a west coast road trip or a quick weekend getaway, you will find plenty of dog-friendly places to stay overnight in Gilroy, California. And you’ll also find lots of fun for your four-legged friends while you’re here!

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Gilroy:

Dog-Friendly RV Parks in Gilroy:

  • Some RV parks have more guests with dogs than without!
  • Gilroy Garlic USA RV Park requires that you pick up after your dogs and keep them on a leash. No aggressive dogs are allowed.
  • Betabel RV Park (about 7 miles south of Gilroy in San Juan Bautista) has a large, enclosed dog park where you can allow your dog to run around off-leash.
  • Casa de Fruta RV Park is dog-friendly and conveniently located just off Highway 152, about 10 miles outside of Gilroy.

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