SPCA For Monterey County

By: DogTrekker Staff

Since we last checked in with the good folks at SPCA for Monterey County, they've come to the rescue of a remarkable range of animals—you'd expect dogs and cats, but here you can also adopt Buddy, a very handsome rooster. Or Abel the horse, who came to the SPCA in bad shape as part of a cruelty investigation, but is now in much better health and spirits.

Cruelty investigations, especially hoarding and neglect situations, have been a big part of the SPCA's work in recent months, as the county's cats, bunnies, and dogs can attest. In July, the organization stepped in after the Greenfield police department discovered dozens of dogs, cats and kittens living in horrible conditions, many apparently caged their whole lives. While some were beyond medical help, one of the surviving dogs soon gave birth to four puppies. The rescued dogs and puppies have been recovering from their ordeal and soaking up the TLC in their foster homes, and now some of them are available for adoption.

Like the incredibly cute Daisy here. A miniature poodle/terrier mix, she's 6 months old and will be small as an adult. She has a very sweet disposition and is adjusting well to her new life of happiness and safety, and would prefer a tranquil, stable environment as she leaves her traumatic past behind. A stay-at-home adult or couple would be great, but she can live with kids mature enough not to scare her with loud noises or rough handling. She doesn't need to be an only dog, and a well-matched dog sibling could help her adjust and discover the joys of life. Find out more about Daisy.


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