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Sonoma County Animal Shelter is overcrowded and needs your help

Meet Ralphie. Photo by Sonoma County Animal Shelter.

The Sonoma County Animal Shelter in Santa Rosa faces an urgent overcrowding crisis, housing over 180 dogs but only equipped with 118 kennels. The community's immediate action to adopt or foster is crucial. You can provide a much-needed home or temporary shelter for these animals. Brian Whipple, the shelter director, expresses concern over the situation, noting, "In my 10 years of being here, I have never seen the kennels this full."

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Paws for a park

For such a large county, Sonoma has relatively few chunks of open space that dogs can explore with their people. But Hood Mountain, Sugar Loaf Ridge, and Tolay Lake are all worth a visit with your four-legger. Read more.

Russian with Rover

Photo by Russian River Adventures.
With the crowds gone and only a few weeks left before the rainy season sets in, the romantic Russian River region beckons. Read more.

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