The Stanford Inn – authentically eco-minded

By: DogTrekker Staff
Enter a doggie paradise at dusk in the stunningly lush, flower-filled gardens surrounding the multi-story Stanford Inn. The vibrant blossoms create a delightful visual spectacle, providing an exciting adventure for both you and your four-legged friend to discover. - Dogtrekker
Photo by Stanford Inn.

A 2022 report from Expedia Group explores the brand principles that travelers value: a commitment to sustainability, small crowds, local businesses and mental well-being top that list. At the Stanford Inn, these values aren’t just buzzwords. Since the early 1980s, owners Joan and Jeff Stanford have been guided by a purpose-driven, light-on-the-land mindset. That ethic influences everything at the resort, including room amenities, menu items, guest programs, conservation practices and even cleaning products.

Stanford Inn by the Sea occupies 10 lush acres set against Mendocino Bay, and the resort team works hard to protect that natural backdrop. Crews employ sustainable landscaping practices. The composting of food and organic waste virtually eliminates fertilizer use. No herbicides or pesticides are applied in the property’s organic gardens, which provide ingredients for the vegan items served at Ravens Restaurant. The resort fuels its trucks with biodiesel made from reclaimed vegetable oils, and the fleet will soon expand with new electric vehicles.

In addition to using green cleaning supplies, the Stanford Inn conserves spruce trees by sourcing toilet paper made from bamboo and sugar cane. Energy conservation practices have been standard since 1980. The property’s Environmental Leadership Field School shares sustainable lessons with future leaders, and resort guests can connect with nature through garden walks, forest bathing, mushroom foraging, cooking classes and other activities. Meditation, yoga and wellness offerings foster balance and joy, while menus introduce vegan delights to audiences that might be new to plant-based food.

By prioritizing sustainability, promoting well-being and supporting local businesses, the Stanford Inn helps build a better world. This gentle, compassionate approach to doing good engages and educates guests while enhancing the overall resort experience.


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