Tough enough for jaws

By: DogTrekker Staff
black poodle mix with ball in mouth
Photo by Jake Oates.

It takes a rugged ball to stand up to dogs who love to chase, bounce and chew. If there’s a Shredder in your life, Ruff Dawg’s The Ball is one product that won’t end up in pieces all over your floor. This tennis-ball size sphere (it also comes in XL) is made of colorful, solid rubber. It bounces enticingly and also floats, which makes it a good choice for splash-filled activities. Judging by the way dogs blissfully roll it in their mouths and chew it, The Ball seems, as they say in the ice cream industry, to have a very good “mouth feel.”

Many people love the Chuckit ball-slinging device, but you don’t have to have one to get the benefit of the bright orange Chuckit Ultra Ball (three sizes available). Unlike Ruff Dawg’s ball, this one is hollow and features a satisfying squishing action that encourages jaw exercise. Extremely durable, it snaps right back into shape and also floats and bounces well.


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