Vacaville for visitors: packed with surprises

By: DogTrekker Staff
Vacaville for visitors map

Maybe you know Vacaville in Solano County as a place you see exit signs for as you zoom past on Interstate 80. But if you and your four-legged companion have never checked it out, you can’t know what you’re missing! Vacaville is an affordable base camp for DogTrekkers keen on visiting Northern California wine country.
 A good selection of dog-friendly hotels will check you in at half the price of what you’d pay in the nearby Napa and Sonoma valleys. Just 20 minutes away, you’ll find the Suisun Valley, a verdant agricultural region, dubbed “Rustic Wine Country,” that’s rich in dog-friendly farm stands and wineries.
While the region is new to many visitors, it’s not new so far as winegrowing goes: the oldest wineries here date to the 1800s. In the past 20 years, there’s been a surge, with many varietals under cultivation and tasting rooms popping up everywhere. Suisun Valley rustic wine country lists more than a dozen of them, some of which have regular hours, others requiring visits by appointment.  
If you’re the spontaneous type, check out a few pet-welcoming wineries with set hours, no reservations necessary (some allow pets in the tasting room, others just in picnic areas). Among them are Backroad Vines, Mangels Vineyards, Wooden Valley Winery and the Suisun Valley Filling Station and Visitor Center. The latter is a vintage gas station where you can stock up on info and taste wines from six regional winemakers, as well as local craft beer.
There’s more to Vacaville and the Suisun Valley, of course.  Check out the many suggestions for places to eat, drink, stay and recreate with your pup on


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